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Veterans Day, November 11, 7pm

First Baptist Church, 3550 Fox Meadow Road, Eugene





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The Oregon Brass Society is a non-profit registered with the Oregon Cultural Trust.
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inquire about booking, contact our board:
President, Tim Vian or
Treasurer, Bob Rawles
1108 Valley Butte Drive
Eugene OR 97401



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Oregon Brass Society; Spring 2011

Established in 2003 by director emeritus Roger Rush, the OBS embraces traditional British brass band literature and instrumentation while occasionally mixing in favorite American marches and contemporary compositions.  Drawing on a library established in memory of David Leighton, we build on an appreciation of instrumental music as a bridge between many communities. 



From our CD, Musical Gems

The Champions,
George Willcocks




Now under the baton of Dr. Chris Chapman, Director of Bands, Oregon State University, the OBS continues to expand its audience and enrich its repertoire. 

Join us for a "jolly good" time.


Our performance at the NW Brass Band Festival, Jan 2012

What is "British" brass band all about?

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