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OBS Roster
Conductor, Musical Director
OBS Board President
OBS Board Treasurer
OBS Board Secretary

Chris Chapman


Tim Vian


Bob Rawles


Adrian Vaaler


Cornets Flugelhorn Baritones Trombones

Les Dos Reis


Adam Mullen

Tim Vian

Niles Hanson


Bob Rawles

Shira Fadeley

David Holmes

Tenor Horns

George Wild


Steve Maricle


Jerry McCollum

Igor Gladstone

Euphoniums Eb Tubas

Chris Peters

David Ward

Steve Shearer

Roger Welch Michael Banks Michael Smith

Cody Simmons

Annette Wyrick Don Kelley  

Adrian Vaaler

    Bb Tubas


  Adam Campagna
  Bob Kempf    



From Washburne Park, August 2009



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